Monday, August 13, 2018

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider - Improvisation Run - Part 1

Although Emily's adventure has come to an end, the world of Dishonored marches on. People are still destitute, and suffering is commonplace. It is in this part of town where Billie Lurk, infamous assassin, lives and thrives.

This is her story, and if you wish to see it unfold live, be sure to follow my Twitch channel for updates.

There are two changes made to the Dishonored formula in Death of the Outsider, and they have a massive effect on the player experience.

Dishonored 2 - Improvisation Run - Part 6 (Finale)

We're finally made it. At long last, we have attained a way to defeat Delilah and save the empire.

It was a ton of fun to perform this improvisation run on stream. As we keep playing other, similar games on stream, you can always follow me on Twitch to keep abreast of what we're playing. Be sure to pop in and say hello.

There's not a whole lot more to say about Dishonored 2 that we haven't already discussed in previous episodes.

The most interesting aspects of this final mission are all the myriad callbacks to the previous Dishonored game and its DLC. Since the vast majority of the mission takes place in a map that was used for both Mission 1 of Dishonored 2, and the prologue and Mission 6 of the first game, it's only natural to reference what came before, as a treat to those who have stuck with it since the beginning.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Dishonored 2 - Improvisation Run - Part 5

We're getting close, friends. The finale is in sight. We only have a few objectives we need to complete before we proceed onto the finale.

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Time travel/manipulation tends to follow one of two possible interpretations in fiction: Either there is one overarching timeline (which is either immutable or manipulated by events occurring in the story), or each change results in another timeline shooting off from the one the change took place in. While Dishonored 2 appears to follow the first model for now, Death of the Outsider will call that into question.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Dishonored 2 - Improvisation Run - Part 4

Apologies for the technical mess that is this recording. That said, we went through quite a decent chunk of the game in this stream, and it ended up being a lot of fun.

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Dishonored 2 is a really fun game, and honestly pretty stable once it starts running (at least, now that it's been patched). That said, I always get a bit nervous when I launch it because I can't tell how many times I'll need to relaunch it to get it to run properly.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Interactive Friction (and Guest) - Detroit: Become Human (All 5 Parts)

Over the course of almost 2 months, my Interactive Friction co-host Sam, and Chris, the other half of the Marvelous Duo, came together to subject ourselves to David Cage's latest disaster-piece: Detroit: Become Human.

Why did we do this? Because David Cage's game have always proven to be a strong source of unintentional comedy. The plot's are usually so badly written that they are practically incoherent, with characters that act like they're from an alien planet.

That's certainly present in Detroit: Become Human, but it is a lot worse in so many ways.

Here are the streams, all 5 of them. If you wish to view content like this as it's recorded live, be sure to follow my Twitch at