Thursday, March 28, 2013

Disclosure Alert: Alpha Protocol: Episode 16: Swan Sung

In this episode, I want to kill President Sung. Also, we spoil who the assassin actually is from 5:30 - 8:20. If you're following along, yet haven't beaten the game yet, skip that section of the video. Also, I spoil it in the second to last paragraph in the text following the video.

I took what anaphysik said to heart and really thought about. And then I realized something. In either interpretation of President Sung's character, he's a complete and total moron. For the sake of argument, I'm going to give the game the benefit of the doubt and assume that we can prove that the riots will occur without even hinting at a potential assassination, even if that makes no sense.

In my interpretation as a typical amoral politician, when Sung is confronted by the possibility that he could die for his cause, then he would take the side of caution in favor of his life when you can prove that their is at least one genuine threat at his rally (a riot) and put on a bulletproof vest. He wouldn't be afraid of "showing his weakness to the world" because there would exist the possibility of Mike being right on both counts. If Mike can prove one threat, but insists there is two, any typical politician would want to be as safe as possible. That's why gov'ts have highly trained security detail. He would not dismiss an assassination as "merely your conjecture."

In anaphysik's interpretation, where Sung is a wanna-be martyr trying to die for his people, he's stupid for a different reason under an entirely different circumstance. Sure, I'll give anaphysik that it makes sense if you choose to prove the riots. However, if you choose to prove the assassination, then why not put measures in place to quell the riots anyway. It's not like your in danger of "looking like a petty dictator" if it turns out that people were really trying to cause a riot. And besides, we would have literally just proved and attempt on Sung's life. In that case, he's justified in bringing extra guards on that merit alone. Any savior-of-his-people would want to place their safety and the hands of rioters as a top priority. They would not dismiss the riots that would kill innocent people as "merely your conjecture."

So if Sung's a moron by either interpretation, then I conclude that he is a moron.

And another question, if Omen Deng is such a great intelligence agent, should he not be aware that the guy who is supposedly trying to kill President Sung walked right up to the guy with proof of a conspiracy against him, trying to convince him there is a genuine threat to his life? For being a boogeyman in the intelligence scene, he looks dumber and dumber the more you get into this plot and the longer you analyze it. At the very least this would cause some doubt to creep in. And don't say that he wouldn't know. After all, the point to him being here is stopping the president's assassination. He'd have someone on watch.

And then Scarlet Lake appears. Really, her being the assassin would've been a great twist had we spent a bit more time getting to know her character and allowing her to feed you misinformation. It'd be perfect to have her use her journalist cover to her advantage in that way, making Omen Deng make sense. And the bullshit about not doing collateral damage which she tells you if you confront her on it later  makes zero sense. Basically, the whole plot to Taipei is stupid and doesn't make a lick of sense. Don't worry, I promise the other two are better.

Lastly, it is really weird that I'm so bloodthirsty in these LPs because when I play these kinds of games I'm such a White Knight Paragon that it's almost disgusting to other people. Also, the LA Noire video he and I reference is this one, which highlights how dumb LA Noire's interrogations can get at times.


Thomas said...

I'm not bothered by most of the stuff in Taipei and even kinda think it makes sense as the first stop but every single aspect of this conversation with Sung makes no sense. Deng and Sung should be communicating with each other or else he's a crud double agent and so he should realise that a third party is setting him up.

Or Sung should know that Deng is in the area and realise you have no reason to be making him take extra security measures with bad motive, and inform Deng. Or since Deng is investigating an assassination, he should believe you about that regardless of evidence.

It makes no sense for Thorton to be lying on one and not the other. Sung has access to way more information than he would need to make him take extra measures anyway

Thomas said...

I believe Sung could be ready to die, but if he does die Thailand's cause gets dropped, so he'd have to be incompetent to think his death should help, which he's not.

I'm pretty sure the riots are something that can be started without the assassination though. People start fights in areas of the crow

newdarkcloud said...

Right, but this particular plan is to have the riots be triggered by the assassination. Without a cause, it's difficult to prove an effect will happen.

anaphysik said...

"Thailand's cause"

Anyway, no, not really: his death could lead to widespread popular support for Taiwanese independence. (IIRC, the game has Sung dying lead to an even STRONGER independence sentiment than the saving him but letting the riots occur does. You can debate whether it would occur the same IRL (and I'd argue that you're wrong), but the game does take the clear stance that the martyr effect is in place here.)

Thomas said...

Wait I'm pretty sure they say that he gets replaced by pro-China politicians?

anaphysik said...

"Basically, the whole plot to Taipei is stupid and doesn't make a lick of sense."

Who cares, there's Steven Heck.