Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Texture Pop: Episode 9: The Sickest Episode

So, this episode is really, really late. There are a couple of reasons for that. First off, we did record something two weeks ago. However, Sam had to reformat his hard drive due to various things (you know how it is with various things). Because he forgot to back anything up, he lost everything not saved in the Steam cloud, including the recording and his Dark Souls 2 save.

As for this recording... well, that should be pretty self-evident from the contents of the podcast.

The MP3 version of the podcast can be found here: (eventually)

0:00:00 Introductions
Yeah, Chris was really sick while recording this podcast. This has been a really bad past few weeks for recording the podcast. Again, various reasons.
Also, Sam's work kept him later than usual, and Garrett was busy too.

We actually lied, viewer questions did happen, but not easily. You'll see later on.

0:03:53 Microsoft bought Minecraft for $2 billion
And honestly, even though I've never been huge into Minecraft, I can totally respect Notch's decision to bail out. He's done a lot of work that he never really signed up for, and just wants to make games like he used to.

0:08:40 I played Digital Devil Saga 2.
Since I've actually finished the game in the time since the recording, I've written an impressions piece on the game, detailing my thoughts on it. Aside from that, the conversation here was fairly in-depth, so I have not much more to have.

Having said that, we also take the time to briefly discuss religion in RPGs. Interestingly enough, I also wrote a piece sometime ago on this very subject.

Also, I did not realize how badly the connection was affecting the recording. We'll keep this in mind for the future.

0:20:32 I played Only If
And you shouldn't, because its bad.

It's a mediocre puzzler, with a bad antagonist, terrible voice actor, and a vapid story.
Luckily, since it's Free-To-Play, I lost nothing from it.

And at the time of this podcast, Sam sent us the log-in info of the podcast e-mail (work his phone, while at work) and I tried to get the log-in set up. Keep this in mind for later.

0:25:05 Chris played Fist of the North Star: Ken's... huh?
And as he started talking about it, I got the e-mail working. Unfortunately, I needed to get Sam to send me the verification code.

0:27:30 (Impromptu) Viewer Questions
"Have any of you had a chance to play Wasteland 2 yet?"
Though I really want to, I'm going to wait for a sale.

And then he got sidetracked by talking about the new Steam front page. I explained it in the cast, so there's no need to reiterate it here. Overall, I really like the changes because it gives me an incentive to actually use Steam to browse for games the way I used to, before Early Access and Greenlight.

"What do you think of Star Citizen so far?"
Chris sums it up better than I could, honestly. I've not really been following it, but at the same time I don't think it could possibly live up to all of its promise.

0:38:00 Chris played Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage
It's Mad Maxx meets Japan meets Dynesty Warriors. There's not much more that one can say about it... except that the boss fights apparently suck.
Sounds like the rest of the game is fun, so at least there's that.

On the subject of voice acting, I recall an old anime called Duel Masters. In that show, when one character challenged another to a card game, they would use the Japanese phrases for "I challenge you" and "I accept". When asked, the people in charge of the dubbed said the reason was that it both sounded cooler and made portions of lip-syncing easier. I strongly suspect that this would be part of the reason why some phrases in this game were left in Japanese, even for the English dub.

0:51:25 Sam gets home and joins us.
And while he sets up, Chris and I stall for time. We stall HARD for time.

0:52:50 Sam gets his mic set up.
And we talk a bit about work and stuff.

For the record, at the time of this cast, I was grinding in Digital Devil Saga 2 in order to get strong enough to take on the final bosses. When I said "You bitch", I was angry because one of my character's was confused, which made them throw $100000 onto the ground. Had to reset the game to save my money.

And rather than get on subject, we keep going to other topics that were not what Sam is playing this week.

0:57:15 Sam beat Dead Rising 3.
And instead we talk anime zombies. "It's really bad, I should get a copy of it."

It's a Dead Rising game, not much more needs to be said.

1:01:31 Sam bought Neverending Nightmares
And I've seen it a bit since Sam talked about it here. It is REALLY fucked up.

1:09:20 Sam had a birthday
And now he is of legal drinking age, like the rest of us.

1:11:00 Sam bought at iPhone5S
And we take the time to shit on the flimsiness of the iPhone6. It's really amusing, to be honest.
At the same time, we praise Samsung for making good products.

1:16:00 Garrett joins the show, completing the ensemble.

1:18:30 Garrett regales us with tales of his League adventures.
Again, I'd talk more about this if I knew more about League of Legends. Until then, I'm content to just listen to these stories.

1:22:40 Garrett rented Destiny
So we can talk about it next week.

1:26:10 Garrett talks about his college classes.
And again, I can't help but be reminded of my old college classes from Freshman/Sophomore year.

1:30:40 We talk about Blizzard's cancelled Project Titan
Which is interesting because it leads into an interesting discussion on the MMO genre as a whole, and Blizzard's part in making it the way it is today.
It's actually amazing how well Blizzard does by developing only a few games, using an extremely limited number of IPs.

This leads into a conversation as to exactly why old Blizzard games (and other companies) do not post those old games on their own stores.

1:41:30 We talk about the new Gauntlet.
It felt really weird me to be the only one who knows about an old game. Usually, I'm completely in the dark with these segments. In this case, I'm the expert, which is really cool. I remember playing both Gauntlet: Legends on the PS1 and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy for the PS2. Really good games.

And Sam did actually buy us all copies of Gauntlet.

1:47:45 We wrap up the cast.
See ya next time!

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