Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Interactive Friction: Far Cry 3 Episode 7: Landmine Marathon

In this episode, we have an escort mission, because of course we do.

I make fun of the flamethrower mission, but it's actually a really fun mission. There's just something cathartic about setting flame to things. Of course, in real life, breathing in all the fumes from these drugs would result in the world's best high, but I'm glad they didn't go for that level of realism. Going this mission while dealing with Jason's trip would be a extremely unfun.

Towards the middle of this episode, we talk about needing Tapir Hides for an extended loot rucksack. Before we started the recording session, we went out to collect hides and create an extra weapon holster and extended rucksack. However, we got mauled by a tiger after we created the sack. Since we didn't save or reach a safehouse in that whole 30 minutes, we lost both upgrades. We weren't even in a mission at the time. It's strange because even by the point Far Cry 3 was released, designers knew that this kind of lost progress is unforgivable. There's really no excuse.

As for the escort mission, you all already how bad those things are. I don't need to detail what went wrong with this mission.

Missed Hoyt Assassination Opportunities: 1

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