Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Interactive Friction: Far Cry 3: Episode 13: The Best Part of the Game

In this episode of Interactive Friction, we hit the best part of game... after we go through Citra's bullshit.

It truly is a shame that we had to go through this really shitty dream sequence before we have to experience some of the best this game offers in terms of storytelling. It is a boss battle that lasts about twice as long as it needs to. On top of that, it is easy to figure out and not particular fun to fight.

Then, it's followed by one of the most uncomfortable "sex" scenes I can remember. Citra really creeps me out in this scene, and I'm not sure if that's intentional or just me being prudish or something else.

But after that, we finally get to the best part. Vaas, the best part of this game, goes out in a blaze of glory. The little hallucinations they give you right before Vaas's final scene are a really, really nice touch of subtly in story telling. Even before that, the whole scene has Vaas just pointing out the absurdity of one lone, rich, white boy taking on a literal army of pirates and their commander. In this one mission, we have a lot of small things coming together.

Not only does it represent the end of the best character in the game, but also the true transition of Jason Dilweed from a rich, white, douchebag to a rich, white, monstrous douchebag. His friends no longer matter, only the bloodlust. Again, there is potential. Must could have been done with these ideas, but that's the story of Far Cry 3. Far Cry 3 is a host of things that "had potential" and "could have done"s. In the end, what is an Ubisoft game, but a miserable little pile of unused potentials.

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