Monday, February 9, 2015

Interactive Friction: Far Cry 3: Episode 12: The Definition of Pretentiousness

Now that all the filler is out of the way, Sam and I are free to finish the best part of the game, before moving on to the worst part of the game.

We have a pretty lengthy discussion on PMCs in video games. Without delving too much into politics, I think it would be difficult, but not impossible to tell a story involving a PMC without that organization being secretly evil. There is a very good reason why PMCs are generally frowned upon in polite company. I'd be interested in seeing developers try that, but one cannot deny that there's a huge risk in doing so.

Another topic we talk about is game endings. One of the things that I have noticed, particularly in the last generation of gaming, is that a lot of games tended to end a lot later than probably should have. I truly think that ending the game at the point before Jason even gets the chance to confront Hoyt would have been a lot better. Not only is that last half (or third) of the game a massive drag, but Jason dying as a result of his falling into madness is an extremely appropriate end to his character arc. As we mentioned in the episode, Bioshock suffered a similar problem after the grand reveal.

We said that this part is the high-point of the story. We're actually a little wrong. It's not this episode that serves as the strongest part of the plot, but the next episode. It actually makes use of some more subtle writing and use of metaphor to convey the overall point of the story. But we'll get to that next time.

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