Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Texture Pop: Episode 28: I Love The Texture Pop Podcast. It's So Bad.

This week, the group is together once again. We even manage to keep the cast small and succinct for once.

Also, this was another week without any viewer questions. If you would like to send us a question, comment, or something you'd like us to read on the air, please send it to us at thetexturepop@gmail.com.

0:03:10 Gaming News
Spider-man will be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
To sum up this entire conversation, this move is great for fans of the Spider-man property, and arguably mutually beneficial to both Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios. After all, it means that Sony can stop wasting their time and money on a franchise they clearly can't handle while giving Marvel the tools they need to succeed.

Peter Molyneux and Godus have been under fire this week.
Not only is the above-linked Eurogamer article a major part of this story, but so it the Rock Paper Shotgun interview.
I don't see Peter Molyneux as a bad person, or even as a "pathological liar." What I see is someone who has fantastic ideas on how to develop great video games, but without the talent or skill required to realize these visions. As a result, he gets himself into all sorts of trouble. Don't get me wrong, he has to accept responsibility for his mistakes. However, I can understand the thought processes behind how those mistakes were made. In the future, people should be significantly more guarded about what he says and donating money to him.
With a publisher cracking the whip and helping him stay on schedule, this can work. However, since he's now an independent publisher, he no longer has the luxury of having someone come and edit his vision down to something manageable.
In regards to the RPS interview, while I do understand the reason for his disdain towards Peter Molyneux, it does not justify the unrepentantly nasty tone. Quite frankly, it makes the site look bad. These questions do need to be asked, but there are significantly more appropriate and more professional ways to ask them.

Jon Steward is going to leave The Daily Show
This arguably marks the end of an era in history. Tons of people my age turn to The Daily Show to satisfy a lot of need with regards to both news and comedy. It is going to be hard to replace him.

0:25:57 Garrett discusses his week in rapid fire.
And there was a lot that he did.

0:43:10 I played and beat Contrast
If you liked Portal, you'll probably like Contrast. It's a short game that does not overstay it's welcome. Furthermore, it used its light/shadow mechanics in the very interesting way. Not much more to say about it.

0:45:02 I played and beat Outlast.
It's a decent horror games. You will get a few good scares at the start and the gameplay and premise are good enough to get you through the whole game. However, it will not stand out in your mind. It fails to leave a more lasting impression.

0:55:20 Chris got sick of Yaiba.
It was only a matter of time. Honestly, it's better this way.

0:57:50 Chris played Brandish: The Dark Revenant
I don't know what is more shocking: The fact that a game is going out for the PSP or the fact that I really want to play said game. After seeing gameplay videos, and looking at gameplay videos, it looks pretty good.
While I don't generally enjoy bare-bones dungeon crawlers without much story, it looks fun enough (and portable enough).

1:17:25 Sam talks about his week without Twitter.
The article about it is here and worth a read. He had a nice little mini-discussion on the subject and there were some interesting points brought up.

1:24:30 Sam watch Fifty Shades of Gray.
Despite how awful the movie had to have been, we actually had a really interesting discussion about the use of BDSM in fiction. It's used a lot, and often it does not reflect how people with that particular kink act in real life. Sam and I disagree a bit about how, or even if, the problem can/should be rectified, but it is an interesting conversation nonetheless.
I also mention sexplantions, which is a really good web series done by Dr. Lindsey Doe that helps teach people like you or I, who aren't as well-read in this subject, a bit more about sex and romance than most educational sources will teach you. For anyone curious about these kinds of topics, but not brave enough to ask professionals about it, it is worth checking out.

1:36:30 Wrapping Up
My Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition article is here.
Interactive Friction is here.
Sam's Twitter article is, once again, here.

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