Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Texture Pop: Episode 30: A Very Bad Case of Melanoma

So, we here at The Texture Pop have begun to make an earnest attempt to reduce the overall length of our podcasts to more manageable levels. I know I have said this before, several times, but I believe that we can stick to it this time.

Also, we did not receive any viewer questions this week. If have any questions, comments, or thoughts for us, feel free to send them our way at

0:02:30 The only piece of news this week.
Leonard Nimoy has passed away.
I think I can speak for many people when I say that he will be missed. He's made many contributions to the world through what he's done and the roles he's played. Few people can claim to live a life as full as his, so we took the time to acknowledge that in this segment.

0:06:50 Garrett plays League, reads books, has a birthday, and hangs out with friends.
And this all happens in the span of a few minutes.
Also, I just realized that the new League of Legends character Garrett was talking about has a Kabuki mask. That's the word we spent so much time not thinking of.

0:17:00 Chris talks about an anime fighting game.
And Sam is just enthralled by it. I'll be honest, I mostly zoned out until Chris said "Yu Narukami" and/or "Persona."
I just wish talking about the game didn't involve the word "inbirth." I'm not entirely sure why, but that just doesn't sound right.

0:30:20 Chris talks about buying Dragon's Dogma.
And hilarity ensues. At least he was able to see the silver lining and use his misfortune to his favor. All's well the end's well.

0:32:50 I finished Far Cry 4. *spoiler*
I have an article due soon on Far Cry 4. As a result, I will let the conversation here stand.
It's a good game, and better than it's predecessor, but I don't think Ubisoft can keep producing Ubisoft: The Game for much longer. The formula is growing stale. I just don't think that it's sustainable.

0:46:25 I finished Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
There were parts of the game I enjoyed. As a whole though, the game isn't really that great. It is only worth playing if you need an excuse to hang out with a friend.

0:54:50 I played more Muramasa DLC.
Still worth it.

0:57:40 Sam played Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 1.
It's a shame the first episode wasn't that great. Still, it's hard to talk about games like this until more episodes get released.

1:10:50 Sam played Nosgoth.
And (successfully) attempts to convince us to install it so that we can all play together.
While the game sounds really good, I am almost immediately put off by the nature of the microtransactions. In short, those prices are way too high. Still, I love asymmetric multiplayer, so I would say it's probably worth trying out.

1:22:55 Sam picked up Ranma 1/2.
I've heard of it, but never read it. Seems a little too out there for me.

1:26:00 Wrapping Up
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Sam's Saya no Uta article is here.
My Final Fantasy VI piece is here.

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