Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Site Update: Press Start to Disqus

Some of you might have already noticed that I have been doing some work on the site. The "Thing You Might Like" have been updated, a new page has been added for all of my Let's Plays, and ads have been enabled once more. Despite all of this, there has always been one area that this site struggles with.

Viewers have frequently told me that the comment system is terrible on this site. The system which Blogger uses by default is just not very good. I've lost count of the number of comments that have been forever lost to this site because someone forgot to add their e-mail to the comment before submitting it. Because of this, people stopped attempting to share their opinion, which goes against the whole purpose of this blog.

For the longest time, I didn't do anything about this. Since I had already had so much content on Blogger, switching to another service was impractical. Further, I had figured that it would eventually be addressed by the powers that be. Now, I have done something that will hopefully improve the state of affairs.

As of this moment, Press Start to Discuss will be using Disqus as the new comment management system. It solves the problem of Blogger "eating up" comments, and should hopefully be easy to manage. On top of that, it comes with it's own authentication system to thwart spammers in a non-intrusive manner.

For those who have commented on previous posts, worry not. All of the old comments have been imported into Disqus, so nothing was lost. In time, I hope these steps help fuel discussion on this blog, as I have always intended. For now, take care everyone.

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