Friday, May 15, 2015

The Texture Pop: Episode 40: Infection Buddies

My apologies for the late posting. I have been busy for these past few days.

0:01:33 Gaming News
Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass (Costs $40)
I don't know whether I should have been surprised to see this or not. This is the logical extension of the pre-order/season pass system. It was bound to happen, and giving Warner Bros. awful history in its short time as a well-known publisher, they were going to be one of the ones to push as far as they did.
It is interesting how publishers don't seem to realize that this system subtly encourages consumers to just wait for the collector's edition, with all of the DLC content included. Playing the launch day-edition is almost a fool's proposition, unless you are extremely sure that you'll enjoy the content.

PT has been completely removed from the PS Store.
Even worse, all active copies now have an expiration date. It's less a condemnation of Konami, but more of an acknowledgement of the consequences of the brave, new world of digital gaming.
As an addendum: Since the time of record, SuperBunnyHop's video on Konami temporarily received a takedown notice, but Konami failed to file it correctly.

0:24:20 Sam bought a new gaming monitor.
This one specifically, or a similar model.
Sam spends the rest of this segment talking nerdy to us. And we also talk about how it's changed his gaming habits.

0:40:10 Sam purchased the New 3DS.
Ignoring the confusing name, Nintendo is terrible about the transfer process. At least the customer support was good enough.

0:51:30 Sam beat Dark Souls 2: Scholars of the First Sin
And we talk about it's differences with the base game.

0:57:35 Garrett is sick as a dog.
And a title was born.
Here is the hot kool-aid video he was talking about.

1:02:35 Garrett talks League of Legends.

1:08:55 I played Resonance of Fate
To get an idea of what kind of hilarity is in this game: Here are both the raisins scene and the hand slap scene.
Though the combat is extremely difficult to explain, it's really fun to play. There's a ton of strategy involved and it looks really stylish.
Side note: You can hear the South in Sam's voice when he pronounced "naked" as "nekkid".

1:24:50 I finished up Drakengard 3.
As we said before, this series and the world it takes place it is so very rich and fascinating. In a way, it's basically a giant criticism of video games, fantasy worlds, and the people who enjoy them. It's undeniably dark, and I love it for precisely that reason.
I also wrote a piece about how the game lampshades its mechanics. It can be found here.

1:38:35 We played more FUSE together.
The only reason parts of this game are fun and/or funny is because the rest of the game is so bland, monotonous, and boring that any sort of mildly interesting stimuli causes some sort of reaction. Those parts are less amusing in and of themselves and more interesting in light of the fact that everything else is so boring.

1:47:50 Chris has been playing Splatoon's Global Test Fire.
Sounds pretty fun.

1:59:00 Wrapping Up
Once again, my Drakengard 3 article here.
Sam's site.
Garrett's Twitch Channel.
And of course, you can e-mail us at

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