Monday, June 1, 2015

Interactive Friction: Watch_Dogs: Episode 0: The E3 Demo & Expectations

As I stated in my last post, today marks the start of the new season of Interactive Friction, covering Watch_Dogs. But before we get to the game proper, Sam had the idea to do an episode talking about the initial E3 reveal.

The point here was to outline what we expected from the final product after watching this trailer. Hopefully, this should give more context to many of the points we will be making throughout the season.

What I find most interesting is just how different Aiden Pearce is here compared to the actual game. Even though it sounds like the same actor, he sounds so much better without the gravely voice. He's also noticeably more personality is these few minutes than he does for most of the story in the main game. It makes me wonder exactly why Ubisoft changed him around so much. Do they legitimately think that the asshole in the main game is more palatable than the man from the trailer? Is that really what focus testers said?

There are many other differences, some subtle and others more overt, that are really obvious in hindsight. I'm curious as to what everyone else though when they saw this, as I suspect Sam and I are far from the only ones who felt as we did.

The actual game will start on the next update. Stay tuned, internet-goers!

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