Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Texture Pop: Episode 44: Squid Inkorporated

0:02:05 Viewer Questions
"What you do guys think about the graphics of the Fallout 4 trailer?"
They're fine. We mostly spent this time talking about what we expect of the new game and how ugly the other Fallout games were.

"Have any of you guys gotten around to playing The Witcher 3 yet?"

0:13:40 Gaming News
XCOM 2 revealed
We talk about the change from a united world gov't to a ragtag group of rebels, PC exclusivity, and snake boobs.

Uwe Boll hates all of us.
There's no reason to include this story other than the fact that I find it funny.

0:29:55 I finished Bravely Default
Finally. And I've even wrote a piece about how it criticized the standard JRPG plot.

0:31:50 I started playing Dark Souls.
I never would've guessed myself to be a fan of this series, but I totally am. There are just so many good game design decisions on display with Dark Souls and Demon's Souls that you could (and people have) wrote essays on it.

0:53:30 My friend Ryu and I played Resident Evil 2: Revelations (with Share Play)
Since the game had no online co-op, we needed to use Share Play for it to work. Share Play is fine, but it's something I should have had to use to play co-op.
As for the game itself, it's a good game in co-op. The two of us worked very well together. If you've a friend to play with, it's worth checking out.

1:06:55 Sam played The Witcher 1
And he likes the game much more than most of the people I talk to do. Most other people I know hate that game. It's interesting to hear a new viewpoint on the game.
"[The combat] isn't bad. It's just not entertaining." - Sam Callahan on The Witcher

1:24:40 Chris played Splatoon.
At this point, you know what that game is. I don't need to say anymore.
We came up with the title during this segment.

1:44:30 Wrapping Up
My Bravely Default article.
Sam's art blog.
Garrett's stream
Interactive Friction (Watch_Dogs)

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