Friday, July 17, 2015

The Texture Pop: Episode 49: Waifu Warriors

0:00:00 Gaming News
Satoru Iwata Passes Away
Though Nintendo games don't appeal to me in quite the same way that they do so many others, it is undeniable that Iwata was one of the best executives in the industry. He knew why people love Nintendo and their games so much, and he did his best to facilitate that. Given how many bad executives we see, the loss of such a good one is truly tragic.

Konami and Kojima are still at odds.
At this point, this story is just sad. Konami really doesn't seem to give a shit anymore.

0:13:50 Chris falls down the Skylanders rabbit hole.
Do you like little plastic shapes? Chris does. In this segment, we discuss the merits so little plastic shapes and why some of them are better or worse than others.

0:42:45 We discuss the Suicide Squad and Dawn of Justice trailers from Comic-Con
I'm still abstaining from commentary regarding their take on Joker in the Suicide Squad. It could work, but my gut is saying that it won't.
We also discuss how dark, gritty, and ultra-realistic DC's movies have been and why that's not a good choice for them.

0:55:25 Garrett discusses Star Fox: The Animated Series
Like I said in the episode, this guy's work is great. However, the fact that he's going to Patreon to fund his work is dangerous, especially given Nintendo's history. I don't want Nintendo to sue him for the proceeds, but I expect them to if they find out.

1:03:40 Garrett details the rest of his week.
If you were wondering what happened to Alvin and the Chipmunks after their terrible movies, Garrett will tell you in this segment.

1:10:20 I played Her Story
Regardless on how you feel about the whole "What is a game?" debate, Her Story demonstrates an interesting way to tell a tale in an interactive format.
This is one of those stories that is made powerful because of its interactive nature. Otherwise, it lacks the impact.

1:18:15 I played Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
This game really demonstrates to me, the love/hate relationship the so many fighting game fans have with their genre. Guilty Gear is brilliant, and very well polished. However, I can't help but feel that the DLC price points are far too high.

1:26:20 I played Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin
Given how awesome the Estus Flask system was, and how every single decision in Dark Souls played upon the others, it feels weird to see them make these additions and changes that just don't work as well.
It's not a bad game, but it forces you to compare it to its predecessor, and it loses than comparison.

1:49:30 Sam goes to college
As someone who just graduated, it's fairly amusing to see one of my friends go back. Best of luck to Sam, and I hope he learns useful skills there.

1:53:40 Sam played Samurai Warriors 4
I have, perhaps unfairly, given the Warriors games a wide berth for a long time. In this segment, Sam and Chris explain why they deserve some love.

2:05:55 Sam found a program named Taiga
If I ever get into anime, I will probably use this. It sounds like a fantastic program for people who consume a lot of anime.

2:08:55 Wrapping Up
Don't forget, you can always send us questions, comments, and silly stuff at our e-mail at

I wrote an article on the story of Batman: Arkham Knight. It's spoiler-heavy, but nothing a podast listener will be surprised by.

Lastly, Interactive Friction returns. We continue our painful journey through Watch_Dogs at long last.

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