Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Interactive Friction: Mirror's Edge: Episode 2: Wrong Door

You may be surprised at how gushy we are about Mirror's Edge, given that our previous was... basically the exact opposite of that. We do delve into some heavy criticism, especially in the later half of the game. However, it's so easy to praise Mirror's Edge because it does so many things right.

We spoke a lot in this episode about how important it is that Mirror's Edge does everything it can to avoid causing motion sickness. This article talks a little about how the developers tried to combat motion sickness. I find the science behind many of these tricks fascinating, and I can't imagine how many nauseous testers/interns they must have went through to reduce the percentage of ill players to a minimum.

It's really important that they do, because so much of this game is built on the idea of building and maintaining momentum while traversing the hazards of the environment. Mirror's Edge is at its best when it lets players move quickly and keep that pace up. These early levels are a testament to that.

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