Monday, September 12, 2016

newdarkcloud plays Hitman: Blood Money - Episode 11: Part 2 - None Of You Are Safe

We finish the worst, and final, mission in Hitman: Blood Money today:

Last time, I wrote about how awful it was that this level runs you through a linear sequence of rooms like the tutorial.

But now, we can finally understand exactly why that is. This level culminates in a set-piece where 47 is forced to enter into a trap and have a conversation with the other assassin that gets nothing done, doesn't advance the story in any way, and serves no purpose other than to tell the player how "awesome" the target is.

Afterwards, the player has no choice but to follow him up to the roof to engage in a shoot out. And as we've already established, the gunplay in Blood Money is terrible. If I hadn't gotten lucky with that first shot, I would have probably been even more frustrated.

In all likelihood, this finale was probably developed last and had very little budget remaining. However, it still highlights the problem that video games tend to have very poor endings. It left me with a sour taste in my mouth back when I first played the game, and I grow less and less fond of this mission the more I play it.

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