Wednesday, September 14, 2016

newdarkcloud plays Hitman: Blood Money - Episode 12 (Finale) - No Witnesses

Anyone who knows about Blood Money knew this episode was coming, but it is the finale and the natural place to end an LP of the game.

I'm a little disappointed, because I was prepared to go into a large tirade about how difficult this gunfight is, because I died so many times to it.

But then I went and killed everyone the first time, without need to give it a second shot, ruining said tirade.

Like the White House, it's a cool idea. However, for it to really work, the player needs the ability to mow down all the mooks with little difficulty. I'd probably have given 47 extra defense or outfitted the enemies with weak weapons that don't do much damage.

Instead, it's just the usual guards and guns. Players will probably die countless times to it before they get it right.

Fortunately, this is all just a prelude to my next project. See you next time, when we play the new Hitman, which will start on Monday, September 19th.

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