Monday, October 3, 2016

Kingdom Hearts Primer: Kingdom Hearts 1: Episode 1: The Unchosen One

Welcome ladies and gentleman. Interactive Friction returns once more. Sam and I have a new idea for a series, and today we're excited to share it with you.

So here's the setup: After Sam, Taylor, and I recorded the Hyperdimension Neptunia episode, the topic of Kingdom Hearts came up. Sam told me at this point, that although he played Kingdom Hearts, he didn't understand much of the plot to it.

As someone who is a huge fan of the franchise, I know a lot about the lore of Kingdom Hearts. In the middle of answering some of Sam's questions about the franchise, we realized the could make a whole series about this, so we did.

But then we came at an impasse, for neither one of us wanted to play Kingdom Hearts for the channel. That's when the idea of taking someone else's hard work and using it for our purposes. Fortunately, Miguel, javihavi, and Knowledge from Gamer's Little Playground gave us permission to use their work, so it's technically not stealing. (In all seriousness though, thank you generous souls who let us use your work.)

And so we set off on our journey across the Disney worlds. However, this is intended to be a series explaining the plot and lore behind Kingdom Hearts. So if you guys have any questions about Kingdom Hearts, or want anything clarified, feel free to ask. 
Please note though, that we will eventually be going through every single game in the franchise. That means that if your question is regarding a subject introduced in a future game, I will hold off on answering them until we cover those games.

With that said, enjoy. :)

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