Monday, November 28, 2016

Kingdom Hearts Primer - Chain of Memories - Episode 2 - Darkness. Darkness. DARKNESS!

Today, we rediscover how much filler is in this goddamn game.

Since we don't have much to say regarding the events of the story, I'm going to instead talk about why I personally don't care that AtRiley didn't include any of the individual world's storylines.

Not only are they filler, but they follow the exact same story of their Kingdom Hearts 1 incarnations, just replacing any mentions of "Hearts" with "Memories". The kind of edits you can perform with Ctrl + F. And that's just Sora's path. Riku doesn't even get filler stories. He just fights the bosses and moves on.

Considering how much of this game's main plot is filler, going through all that additional filler would just be painful. As this Primer series goes on, you'll gradually see Sam and I lose our minds to how much content isn't related to the main story.

Ignoring some of that in Chain of Memories may have merely delayed the inevitable descent into madness, but I appreciate it nonetheless.

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