Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hitman (2016) - Episode 28 - Tens of Dudes!

In the middle of the Hitman season, Episode 4 took IO Interactive longer to release than they thought it would. As an apology, they release two bonus missions, reusing the maps of Sapienza and Marrakesh. Today, we'll go through the Bonus Episode in Sapienza.

Worth noting is that these missions would probably have never been created if it weren't for the fact that Hitman (2016) is episodic. The only reason IO felt compelled to make them was because Episode 4 was going to be a month late.

And even though they were reusing the maps from Sapienza and Marrakesh, there was some obvious love put into these assassinations. Neither map is a straight copy of their original, and there are many areas that have been changed (and assets added/removed) to fit the context of the new mission. More work went into these missions that the typical Elusive Targets. Even then, Elusive Targets do often add new content into the map, albeit not to the extreme that these Bonus Episodes do.

The other big thing is that I'm trying to break one of my really bad gaming habits as I perform these missions. Something that a lot of stealth game players are guilty of, myself included, is reloading a save the moment something goes wrong. If you've been following this series, you know that's a big issue of mine.

What I'm trying to do now is to let failure "stick", for lack of a better term. A lot of the fun in these kinds of games comes from screwing something up, and then working around it to find another way. Hitman and others of its ilk are built to enforce and encourage on the spot improvisation, and I want to show that off a bit more.

We'll be heading to Marrakesh next week for A House Build on Sand. Until then, take care.

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