Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hitman (2016) - Episode 37 - A Critical Eye

Let us talk about Elusive Targets, the internet, and Hitman as we take on The Food Critic.

I spoke in the episode of The Guru about how the Modern Lethal Syringe isn't the completely worthless item that I originally thought it was, but only outside of story missions. It is a silent weapon, so no noise will be generated when the player uses it. It's faster than choking someone out and snapping their neck. Furthermore, poison kills are treated as accident kills, if the body is discovered later, it will not count as a body being discovered for the purpose of calculating the final score. This makes it possible to get Silent Assassin without having to worry about hiding the body.

That said, it is still a weapon that players can only use up close, when standing directly behind the intended target. When going in for the kill with the Modern Lethal Syringe, it is important to be cognizant of the surrounding area. Otherwise, Agent 47 can still be blindsided by someone watching the kill and triggering the alarm as a result.

I had the right general idea when going for distractions to lure away the guards. My mistake was in lacking the situational awareness to know that the guard to my side would still see me, even though the bodyguard was turned away.

Secondly, I forgot that players can lure guards away from their posts by dropping weapons in their patrol routes. When a guard picks up a weapon, they will immediately walk it to the security room. This gives the player a window to either take care of the guard in a discrete location on route to security room, or to act on a target/objective while the guard is busy.

I may have screwed up this one, but sometimes failure is more valuable because of the lessons it can teach...

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