Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kingdom Hearts Primer - 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage - Episode 2 - Lost to Time

Settle in, ladies and gentleman, because things are getting self-referential and existential.

It's very ironic to talk about how people watch YouTube content podcast style when the footage for this "Let's Play" got corrupted.

It feels strange to talk about YouTube and how to work around it's many problems in the wake of all the recent controversies surrounding it. With the "adpocalypse", the rise of YouTube criticism in video games, and the rest of the "YouTube culture", it's a subject that probably won't go away anytime soon.

In a way, the whole reason I came up with the queue system in the first place was that the intended way to watch content on YouTube, to follow the recommended videos and keep watching through Autoplay, just didn't fit into my schedule. I found myself annoyed at all of the great content I wanted to watch and missed out on. Thus, the queue was formed.

I know it's weird, and I doubt many other people use systems like that, but it works for me.

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