Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dishonored - Improvisation Run - Part 3 - Twitch VOD

It's been really fun to play Dishonored on stream, for all the people who joined in. In this last session, we were able to finish the Campaign in Low Chaos.

Remember, if you want to see this content as it's being recorded live, be sure to follow my Twitch channel at The next time I have a variety stream slot open, I'll continue with the Dishonored DLC (Knife of Dunwall/Brigmore Riches).

Credit to both IGN and AARONMACKENZIE for their videos on the High Chaos run of the game. It made it easier to talk about them with a visual handy.

While I adore the original Dishonored game, and believe it serves as an excellent start to the franchise. This is where the core gameplay was established, going back to the sandbox 0451 games of old.

That said, there was a ton of room for improvement. While the idea of non-lethal gameplay helped add to the idea of players choosing their own path, the implementation left a lot to be desired. There weren't many options for non-lethal players in terms on interesting gameplay since most of the equipment and power set was designed for lethality. Devouring Swarm, Windblast, Springrazors, Grenades, and Pistols were all practically useless for a non-lethal run. And the non-lethal takedowns for assassination targets, while appreciated, felt like a last minute addition most of the time (because they were).

I wrote some words about the chaos system way back when, and while my old writing leaves a lot to be desired, I stand by the sentiments expressed in that article.

As we delve further into the franchise, I look forward to exploring the many changes and additions made during each game, and how they addressed some of these problems.

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