Monday, June 18, 2018

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall - Improvisation Run - Twitch VOD

Now that we've finished vanilla Dishonored, it's time to keep going with the DLC. Starting with The Knife of Dunwall, the developers at Arkane started making a ton of improvements to the core game that had a huge impact of the end-user experience.

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The most immediate change was to Blink. Unlike Corvo, Daud has the ability to stop time and precisely aim where he lands. This might sound minor, but it makes it a lot easier to perform some of the trickiest maneuvers. Where Corvo has to carefully time his blinks while in the air, Daud can simply hold still, cease gravity's pull, and accurately jump to his destination. This change was so welcome that it became part of Corvo's arsenal in Dishonored 2.

And though the performances often fall flat, the addition of voice acting did much to solve the problem where the player character's silence felt uncanny. In also helps to have Billy Lurk serve both as an assistance and a soundboard for Daud to play off of.

This is also where Dishonored starts to experiment with more non-lethal tools. The staff at Arkane seemed nervous about making non-lethal tools function similarly to lethal tools, but it was a start. Even in this run, we found more than a few uses of Chokedust both defensively, to retreat, and offensively, as cover to safely knock out enemies mid-combat. If memory serves, Brigmore Witches would further expand on the potential for non-lethal play.

Which is why we'll continue with that next time.

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