Monday, June 11, 2018

Interactive Friction Presents: A Way Out - Part 1 (Twitch VOD)

Welcome to a new chapter in Interactive Friction. Sam and I are glad to get back to playing games, but the sad fact is neither one of us has enough time to produce the highly edited content you guys are used to from us. For that reason, we've decided to transition to the more accessible territory of streaming, much like my Dishonored LP.

To that end, here is the first of our VODs from our 3 sessions on A Way Out. If you want to see more content like this live, as it happens, by sure to subscribe to my Twitch channel at

Apologies for Sam's audio early on. After about 10 minutes, he eventually recognizes and fixes the problem.

The Detroit VOD I was talking about early can be found here.

I think Sam made an interesting point in comparing this camera work to the "single shot" camera in the new God of War. That said, I hesitate when he makes the claim that it will/should be the "future" of gaming. Not only is that a lot of work to get that working right, but there are benefits to having those discreet stopping point that the single shot composition lacked in God of War. The camera is a large part of why that game's story just keeps "going on".

As a student of film himself, I'm also intrigued by Sam's jealously of the video game camera. It's easy to understand that since the camera isn't a physical object, but rather a point of origin for where to draw the scene, that you can "get away" with shots are completely impossible in real world space. However, I've never really thought too much about it until Sam pointed it out here. That's not to say that game directors have it any easier or harder than film directors, but that a different set of considerations and skills are required.

Lastly, at the time of this recording, Detroit: Become Human had not been released. Considering how well it sold, I doubt any of the comments we made about David Cage and his games will matter at all. (Not like they would have if the game sold poorly, but y'know what I mean.)

We'll work to get the remaining 2 sessions on YouTube whenever we can. Given Sam's schedule and E3 going on now, that's unlikely to happen soon.

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