Friday, June 22, 2018

Interactive Friction Presents: A Way Out - Part 2 (Twitch VOD)

Interactive Friction returns with the second part of our three part series on A Way Out.

We successfully found A Way Out of jail. And now, we're in another predicament. With Harvey and the police after us, we need to evade our pursuers and get revenge. Will we find A Way Out of this? Or will the Oscars defeat us once and for all?

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First off, I did not realize how offensive the "Reeeeeee" meme is when I recorded this stream. Now that I know, you won't be seeing me doing it again.

Second, you can find the Far Cry 5 article I mentioned here.

Whether this is good or bad is hard to say, but the most striking part of this game is how much fun I'm having when I ignore the story and wander about looking for things to interact with. We didn't do absolutely everything we could in these scenes, but we definitely had our fair share of fun.

It's a shame that whenever the main story becomes the focus, the game gets noticeably weaker. It's not to say that they're telling a bad story by any means. The problem is that it does nothing to stand out from the other jailbreak stories that exist elsewhere. Neither does it stand out much as a co-op game. While there are strong elements in both the beginning and ending of the game that leverage the split-screen co-op gameplay, the whole middle part we play here is... okay.

Sam and I have the problem where almost as soon as we see the setup we know instantly how its going to go beat-for-beat. It happens more than a few times in this video alone. Despite the cries of "Fuck the Oscars", it's clear that Josef Fares still has a love for cinema, and the tropes common of this genre of film.

It's disappointing in a way, but what's here is still really good.

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