Friday, June 29, 2018

Interactive Friction Presents: A Way Out - Part 3 (Twitch VOD)

Welcome to the final part of Interactive Friction plays A Way Out. This is the final part of our playthrough of the game, and one of the better parts of the game. Or at least, one of the most interesting parts of it.

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At the time of recording, we had yet to start our run of Detroit: Become Human, which is why we talk about it as if it's not out yet. (It wasn't.)

It seems also silly to have this really personal story about two guys escaping jail and taking revenge on someone who wronged them both end in a third-person shooter co-op campaign. It's lower-budget, but the idea is the same.

While I really like the scene where we confront Harvey, it's one of the most cliche scenes in a game full of them. That's the main problem with A Way Out. All of these scenes are well made, but I've seen most, if not all of this before in other movies and/or games.

And if it was more than just "another movie-like game", then the ending might have more impact if I had some attachment to either Vincent or Leo. The twist is executed well, but it hinges on drumming up emotions that I just didn't have towards the protagonists. I wish I had more to say than that, but there's just nothing to work with.

Good game, but I wish there was more meat to sink my teeth into.

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