Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dishonored 2 - Improvisation Run - Part 2

Sorry I didn't post anything last week. I was too sick to stream, and thus too sick to make anything for the blog.

This time, I have a guest joining me for the run. Gwen is a friend of mine who loves Dishonored even more than I do, so she'll be a great co-host for the rest of our time with the franchise.

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I feel like the Crown Killer is wasted this early in the game. The intro sets them up wonderfully as this secondary villain with skills on par with our lead characters. Their presence is felt all throughout the first mission, and the objective as Megan Foster tells it before we arrive at the Sanitarium is to find a lead on who she might be. I was thrilled on my first run, thinking that they might be a recurring antagonist I'll need to fight off throughout the game as I try to stop Delilah.

Then, when I get to Adermire and learn that we don't just need to find a lead on the Crown Killer, we need to take them out. They spend all this time building up an incredible powerful villain only to eliminate them outright as one of the first genuine targets in the game. Thankfully the mission is still interesting, and I love the twist with Dr. Hypatia, but it still feels weird to deal with such a threat so early on.

On another topic, Gwen makes some really interesting points on where the series can go and how they could have improved the Chaos system in lieu of just scrapping it outright. I'm not as down on the Chaos system as a lot of other people because I like the dichotomy between having the power to kill guards quickly and easily, but choosing not to use it out of a sense of morality or "honor". That said, there's no denying that Death of the Outsider is a stronger game for its absence.

Next time, we'll finish up our sojourn with steampunk Elon Musk, and keep gushing about one of the best levels in the game.

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