Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Dishonored 2 - Improvisation Run - Part 3

And so we continue our adventures with Empress Emily Kaldwin.

Gwen sadly couldn't join us for this recording, but we still had a great time regardless.

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The Clockwork Mansion is one of the most creative levels out there, and one of my favorite in Dishonored 2. The nature of a modifiable area, combined with immersive sim gameplay, leads to a ton of creative design space. We saw an example of this with a few of bonecharms located in spaces between the walls and hidden in places one can only reach by re-configuring the environment.

It's also a perfect reflection of it's master: Kiran Jindosh. Like many of his inventions, the manor is undoubted both clever in it's creation and impressive to behold. Jindosh wishes for people who visit to behold his genius with every reconfiguration of the house. However, as impressive as it is, it's ultimately impractical. No one would ever need to live in a home like this, simultaneous expensive to build and unwieldy to use despite the ostentatiousness. While I do not if the idea for the Clockwork Mansion or Kiran Jindosh's character came first, they both compliment each other well. In a way, Jindosh is the Elon Musk of Karnaca.

We also talk a bit about challenge runs. One of my commenters talked about how they would like a game where players cannot beat guards, either through stealth takedowns or in fights. While I can appreciate the idea, I do not believe it would be an easy sell unless it had a small budget. This is why players who enjoy that type of challenge will often play games like Dishonored with their own imposed constraints. I myself made a couple of such runs with all the games in the franchise. I'm okay mandating difficulty for myself (which is why I love the Custom difficulty options), but I despise when those constraints are forced upon me.

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