Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Dishonored 2 - Improvisation Run - Part 5

We're getting close, friends. The finale is in sight. We only have a few objectives we need to complete before we proceed onto the finale.

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Time travel/manipulation tends to follow one of two possible interpretations in fiction: Either there is one overarching timeline (which is either immutable or manipulated by events occurring in the story), or each change results in another timeline shooting off from the one the change took place in. While Dishonored 2 appears to follow the first model for now, Death of the Outsider will call that into question.

But even within that framework, Crack in the Slab very expertly uses time travel and manipulator creatively and effectively. And with the ability to affect the present by saving Stilton from his fate, there are effectively 3 different versions of the map that the player is traveling between. From a technical statement along a gameplay standpoint, this level is a achievement.

Meanwhile, the estate of Duke Luca Abele is impressive in another way. It serves as a great way to show players all they need to know about the character. Throughout the game, we see examples of the Duke making the lives of his subjects miserable for personal gain, from Emily and Dr. Hypatia to the citizens of the Dust District. Here, we see what it gets funneled into.

The Duke's manor is the very definition of opulence. Aside from the final mission, it's one of the largest maps in the game, by design of the good Duke. It's filled with expensive food, trained guards, clockwork soldiers, and wealthy guests to regularly-scheduled orgies. The common people are nothing more than a means by which he maintains his lavish lifestyle, and the island nation is being drained as a result. All of that is here on display... which makes replacing him with his own body double all the sweeter.

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