Monday, August 13, 2018

Dishonored 2 - Improvisation Run - Part 6 (Finale)

We're finally made it. At long last, we have attained a way to defeat Delilah and save the empire.

It was a ton of fun to perform this improvisation run on stream. As we keep playing other, similar games on stream, you can always follow me on Twitch to keep abreast of what we're playing. Be sure to pop in and say hello.

There's not a whole lot more to say about Dishonored 2 that we haven't already discussed in previous episodes.

The most interesting aspects of this final mission are all the myriad callbacks to the previous Dishonored game and its DLC. Since the vast majority of the mission takes place in a map that was used for both Mission 1 of Dishonored 2, and the prologue and Mission 6 of the first game, it's only natural to reference what came before, as a treat to those who have stuck with it since the beginning.

  • In Low Chaos, Megan Foster reveals that she's truly Billie Lurk. And you can pickpocket the key to her cabin in order to hear Daud's final confession.
  • The Gazebo where Emily's mother met her end is present at Dunwall Tower, as it should be. There, players can pay respects at the monument set up in her honor.
  • Jesamine's secret chamber for the first game is present here as well. Not only that, but players who remembered it's location could use it to sneak by without turning on the elevator and alerting Delilah to their presence.
  • The non-lethal method to dispose of Delilah identical to how she is stopped in The Brigmore Witches, by allowing her to complete her ritual after sabotaging it.
These are all really nice touches, and I'm glad Arkane kept continuity in mind when designing this return to Dunwall. In general, it's always cool to have the hero "come home again", but seeing Emily evolve over her journeys in Karnaca.

Next up, we move onto Death of the Outsider. Emily's adventures are at an end, and it's time for a new heroine to step up.

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