Monday, August 13, 2018

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider - Improvisation Run - Part 1

Although Emily's adventure has come to an end, the world of Dishonored marches on. People are still destitute, and suffering is commonplace. It is in this part of town where Billie Lurk, infamous assassin, lives and thrives.

This is her story, and if you wish to see it unfold live, be sure to follow my Twitch channel for updates.

There are two changes made to the Dishonored formula in Death of the Outsider, and they have a massive effect on the player experience.

First, Chaos is no longer tracked. Billie is a assassin who has spent most of her live killing people for coin. By the time we pick up her story, she's bathed in blood, and has no qualms about spilling more to do what she has to. In gameplay terms, this means that any lethality (or lack thereof) is completely on the player. The game will neither pass judgement on nor change the level based on how many people the player kills.

Secondly, mana potions are a thing of the past. Though she has powers, Billie is not one of the Outsider's marked. Her power comes from her connection to the Void born from the temporal anomalies Delilah created in the Stilton manor. This gives the player free reign to use and reuse their powers as they please, with very little restriction. Mana still exists, but it regenerates incredibly quickly.

These two changes combined create a much more liberated Dishonored game. It's hard to overstate what that feels like as a player. On top of all the tools Billie has access to, it is easier than it has every been before to experiment with all the options available in the open, immersive sim structure of the franchise.

Stay tuned, because you're in for some shenanigans akin to the Crack in the Slab for Dishonored 2.

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