Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Eternal - Card Games and Conversations

Normally, I stream Magic the Gathering: Arena every Saturday at 8-10 PM EST on my Twitch channel. As someone who has gotten really into Magic over the past few years, I've enjoyed sharing my appreciation with others.

But this past weekend, Arena's servers were gearing up to be reset in anticipation of moving from Closed Beta to Open Beta, so I didn't feel a strong urge to play it. Instead, I decided to stream a bit of a game I've been slowly diving into. It's called Eternal, and it was made by professional MTG players.

The MTG influence is pretty easy to see, but they make a number of intelligent choices both to alleviate some of the problems inherent to it's inspiration, and take advantage of the fact that the game exists in a digital medium, rather the physical cards that define Magic.

The stream audience and I had a very pleasant back and forth about it, and I thought it would be worth it to share with the rest of you.

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