Monday, December 24, 2018

Hitman 2 - Improvisation Run - Part 3 - Mumbai

The Improvisation Run continues, this time in the slums of Mumbai. And remember, if you want to watch content that this as it's record live, be sure to follow me on Twitch.

So obviously, this is only a part one. Since I wasn't able my load my games due to a bug introduced in the patch they released 2 days prior to recording, (This issue has since been fixed.) I couldn't restart from the last auto-save point, nor could I make any manual saves after completing objectives.

To be clear, the Improvisation Run is not an ironman run. The idea isn't to run through a level without dying or reloading a save, but rather to discourage abuse of save states, and allow the interlocking systems of the game to run their course.

When playing through story missions normally, I am the kind of person who will save scum to get the desired outcome. For me, this is a way to experience Hitman differently. To see how it copes, and lets me cope, with mistakes. I want to feel the imperfect run, where things don't go smoothly and I need to work with I have (to "improvise").

It's okay when I screw up the Barber opportunity and need to find some other way to kill my target. I don't need to reload a save when that happens, I just need to roll with the punches. Some of the people in the chat may have felt that they led me astray, but watching how Hitman 2 functions despite that is part of the reason I'm doing this in the first place. Without a stream to keep me honest, I would probably degenerate back into save scumming.

But losing 30 minutes of progress because of one mistake is exactly why I go the route of my self-titled "Improvisation Runs" over a true ironman playthrough. To be honest, I don't cope well with such a loss of progress, and it shows in this recording. I wasn't mad, but I was really bummed out about it.

Now that the glitch has been fixed, I will go through and continue my Improv run next time. That said, I am glad that this happened, because it gave me the perfect opportunity to talk about me and the way I play games, so you understand the person at the helm just slightly better.

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