Friday, February 1, 2019

Hitman 2 - Snow Festival - That... Happened

Along with the new Elusive Target, IO also included a new mission in Hokkaido to celebrate the upcoming Snow Festival in Japan.

The prizes for this one include a new melee weapon and a new suit, so you better believe I took the time to give it chance.

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First off, I'm really glad I got the freaky incident in the bathroom on camera, because I don't think anyone would believe it otherwise. It even made it's way onto Kotaku's Highlight Reel!

This one is similar to the holiday mission where getting Silent Assassin is notable, but ultimately pointless.  It's more important to complete the challenges and perform the various kills in the environment to see what kind of possibilities exist.

As I talked about briefly during the stream, these kinds of bonus missions are great for giving new and returning players easier ways to obtain level mastery, and the extra unlockables are a strong incentive to try them out even if you're already fully mastered.

I hope they add more of this kind of content as they continue to support the game, because it's great to have reasons to keep coming back.

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