Saturday, February 23, 2019

Resident Evil 2 - The Spooky Bois - Part 2

Our adventures in Resident Evil 2 continue. This is... The Spooky Bois!

One thing I seem to have forgotten from playing the other Resident Evil games is how much time the player spends rearranging and sorting out the items in both the character inventory and the item box. I had flashbacks to RE7 while playing through this section, since I spent so much dumping herbs and ammo for later.

The other big event that happened during this stream was the first appearance of Mr. X. One doesn't get the full effect of his presence until they encounter him in their game. It's not just that he's a constant threat. It's that he's a threat that constantly makes his presence known. Even in a safe area, the player can hear him roaming around. As you can see in the footage, this definitely got to me and tripped me up in more than a few ways.

While I did know about both him and the fact that the police station wasn't safe ahead of time, that did nothing to blunt the impact of a previously "safe" zone being invaded by this foreign entity that is out for my blood.

And lastly, screw that library puzzle, and the section with Sherry. That was some crap.

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