Friday, March 22, 2019

Hitman 2 - Elusive Target 5 - Useless Disguise

Another Elusive Target has appeared, this time in the small but dense area of Hawke's Bay in New Zealand.

Question is: Does the streak continue, or is this where I finally fall flat?

Speaking with a friend of mine who completed the target, I was close to figuring out what the intended solution for this assassination is. Had a spent a little more time observing the target, then I would have seen her smoking by the gas lamp. Getting up their the same way, taking a slight detour to pick up the wrench in the closet, I would have had plenty of time to dispose of the guard, dump his body, and sabotage the lamp before the target made there.

That said, I still got her, and there will be other opportunities for that final Silent Assassin I need to get the bonus suit. So all in all, not a huge loss.

What is important here is to learn for my mistakes. Always take the time to observe the target's routine and look for opportunities instead of forcing one. Realistically, it would have taken much less time if I had been more patient. I would have also performed better.

That said, I understand now, in hindsight, why they chose Hawke's Bay as the site for this Elusive Target. The challenge comes far less from the target itself, and more from the area's security. For such a small map, it's packed dense with guards and enforcers, so players need to be a lot more careful than they would be in any other map of the game.

Even for Elusive Targets, this one was unique. It makes me wonder what else they have in store.

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