Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Resident Evil 2 - The Spooky Bois - Part 5

We've seen Claire Redfield's adventures. We witnessed as she braved the zombie hoards, along with so many other untold horrors, to protect and save a young Sherry Berkin from the virus her father unleashed...

...but there are two heroes to this story. What happened to a young Leon S. Kennedy on his first day on the Raccoon City police force while Claire was braving the zombie hoards?

This is Another Side, Another Story. Join us as The Spooky Bois play Leon - Route B.

Despite a rough start, my performance in this section of the game isn't too bad. We managed successfully sneak around two lickers, juke my favorite buff monster, and complete a boss fight with a ton of healing items left over.

And yet, the only thing on my mind at the end of this section is how few bullets I have left after that boss fight. It's shocking just how stingy the game is with ammo during the start of Route B. Admittedly, I probably used more bullets than I needed to taking out zombies in the police station, but that was all in service to making my life easier when we eventually return.

Clayton also made a great point that the timeline is... odd. In theory, this is what Leon was supposed to be doing while Claire was in the police station. And yet, he's going to the same places, solving the same puzzles, and essentially trudging through the same locations. All of this without ever bumping into her along the way except for a few specific points. Further, there's no evidence of any of Claire's handiwork: The door under the statue in the police station is locked, even though Claire should have put the medallions into its slots by now. Berkin is also still down there, despite being beaten by Claire already.

Though it is strange to criticize the remake of an old game for the mistakes of its predecessor, I wonder if they could have done more than constrain resources to separate the A Route from the B Route.

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