Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Hitman 2 - Expansion Pass Mission - Bank

I'm always eager for another reason to reinstall and open up Hitman 2 again, and a new level seemed like the perfect excuse. Even better, turns out that new level continues directly off of the campaign from the base game, so let's get right to it.

Back when I was running through Hitman (2016), my biggest criticism was that as much as I loved the episodic model, it had a glaring flaw in that the updates have to be substantive. Anything less than a massive, sprawling map would give off the impression that IO wasn't creating "enough content" for the players.

While I love that game, and have spent tons of time in those maps, mastering them and taking on targets as they are added to the game, they didn't leave much room for smaller, more intimate Hitman levels. Some of my favorite missions in the older games took place in more enclosed spaces, like the birthday party in Blood Money. Those missions also served to break up the larger levels for pacing purposes.

The base campaign of Hitman 2 went back to that with the tutorial level, and the suburban stage, and it's good to see them continuing to make stages at this size. It gives them another tool in the toolbox to make use of as they see fit.

It's also, quite honestly, just good to be playing new story missions in Hitman again. This is one of my favorite franchises, and to see it keep being supporting like this warms the heart.

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