Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Dark Duo - Man of Medan - Part 2

Our perils within the Qurang Medan conclude as Acharky and I guide these intrepid young souls along the path as best we can.

But were we able to keep all of them alive, or did tragedy strike as it does it so many adventures. Find out as The Dark Duo plays... Man of Medan!

One of the things that I find most astounding is that Acharky figured out the big secret with the Manchurian Gold also slightly before I did in the story. When I ran through the game, it wasn't until Fliss recovered from her hallucination about the satanic dining room that I truly put the pieces together.

The writers do a great job of seeding that reveal well. Even if the player isn't looking for clues and secrets, there is enough going on in the script itself that they should be able to piece it together on their own. I know that by the time the characters had made it explicit, I had already figured it out, but it felt really satisfying to have my theory confirmed. And in my solo run, my final scene tested my knowledge and recollection of the fact I was hallucinating to great effect.

Sadly for us though, Fliss died in an unfortunate accident because she, or rather Acharky, made a hasty decision in a panic. And Conrad came back far after his intervention was necessary. However, 4 people alive out of 5 is a very solid showing.

I'm looking forward to the next game in this Anthology. Not just to see the next story they cook up, but also to learn more about The Curator and what his role is in all of this.

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