Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Making Making in the Arena - Jund Food 2

We might have played this deck type once before, but I can't deny how fun it is to win by repeatedly throwing that cat into the oven.

As far as the decklist goes, the core of the previous version of it is all there. The real changes are in the removal suit. Rather than running Casualties of War, we're using cheaper removal in the form of cards like Thrashing Brontodon, which also serves as a strong creature and a potential sacrifice trigger even if we don't have any specific targets in mind. That said, the strategy is basically the same as it was last time.

What I find most interesting about this deck is that despite being built around the cat/oven synergy, there's a lot of resilience on display, and ways to win even if neither card, or only one, of the two pieces hits our hand. While slower, we can still use Trail of Crumbs and Gilded Goose to generate food tokens that we can cash in either for Mayhem Devil or Korvold triggers. And if we do have our combo established, all of these pieces only work to push our advantage further to secure the win.

Or... we can go up against a self-mill deck and destroy their Jace, Wielder of Mysteries with a Murderous Rider just as they are preparing to draw their final card.

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