Thursday, April 23, 2020

In League With the Legends - Ezreal Karma and Corina Control

Another Runeterra stream, and another two fun decks to experiment with. And as a master of the long game, I'm naturally inclined towards those lovely control decks.

Ezreal has become one of the most well-known control finishers, so it was only a matter of time we'd try one of his variants. All we have to do is hit enough of our opponent's units with our effects to transform him, which will allow us to just play our hand out to end the match.

But there's another new contender on the block in the form of Corina Veraza, who can absolutely decimate an opponent if the game goes late with a powerful board clear ability. If that doesn't just end the game, it'll open up the way for us to close it with some of our other effects.

Thanks to MobaLytics for providing a handy list of cool decks for me and everyone else to try out, like the ones seen in this video.

Deck Codes:

One of the aspects of Legends of Runeterra that I'm endlessly impressed by is how easy it is to build new decks. I haven't had to invest any more money into the game than the $50 sum that I invested in the very beginning. While that is a hefty sum of money, it's nothing compared to the kind of cash I've dropped on Magic the Gathering: Arena, Overwatch, and numerous other games of their ilk I've had to cut ties with.

As someone who has both the inclination and spare change to comfortably spend cash on free-to-play games, especially card games, feeling like Runeterra is designed to be much gentler to my wallet comes as a huge relief. It also makes the game far easier to recommend to other people, since I know they won't feel compelled to spend big just to keep up with the competitive scene.

Whenever I have the desire to build or try out a new deck, which is often as you can see, more often than not I already possess the vast majority of the cards I need to build it. The ones I don't have I will almost always either have the spare wildcards and/or shards to craft, despite not having spent any additional currency on the game in the months since release. As someone who builds a new deck to stream on Magic the Gathering: Arena each week, and has dumped a lot of money into keeping that up, that's very literally valuable.

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