Sunday, May 3, 2020

Egg Hunt - Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - Part 5

It's time for us to leave Evening Lake, and enter the final phase of our adventure. The last hub world, Midnight Mountain, awaits us with it's vast quantities of treasure and dragon eggs.

But before we get to that, we must fight our way through another one of the Sorceress's monsters.

In this episode, we recruited Agent 9. Out of all the secondary playable characters in Year of the Dragon, he's the one the benefited the most from the upgrades in the Reignited Trilogy. I happen to find a clip from YouTube of the original PlayStation version of his level, and comparing it to the footage above is such a stark contrast.

This unwieldy control scheme extended even to the "You're Doomed" section in Fireworks Factory.

Just having the ability to freely move the reticle in all directions, without being in Sniper Mode, transforms these sections, because we not longer need to sacrifice movement for more precise and accurate shooting. Comparing the Fireworks Factory sections makes that even more obvious, since I was able to quickly and easily take care of the ninjas crawling on the ceiling.

And with the added context of our conversation about how players rarely ever look up, that's even more true when they need to take the extra step to stop moving and switch to Sniper Mode before they can access the functionality to do so.

A lot of work when into making Agent 9 feel a lot more playable. Considering how small a presence he has over the course of the game, not even appearing until the very end, that just demonstrates the care that went into this Reignited Trilogy.

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