Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Adventures on the Pride - Furry Edition

It's been over a year since we last adventured upon the high seas. Rusty I may be, the ocean nonetheless calls to me. And I was not the only one to hear the call. The crew may be different (and fuzzier) than before, but no less prideful. 

The SS Pride is no worse for wear. Hoist the Rainbow flag and shove off for fortune and glory!

I can't help but chuckle ever so slightly at how, even after all of this time and all of the updates that have been made to Sea of Thieves, the Merchant's Guild remains deeply unsatisfying compared to the other organizations. Not only are their quests the least interesting, but they're also timed, with isn't the case for other factions. In a game that's otherwise so low stakes/pressure, introduced that time crunch is extremely off-putting. On top of that, I would just rather be spending my time hunting for buried treasure or dispatching a horde of undead pirates.

That aside, it cool to see how much has been added to the game in my absence. The fundamental loop might still be the same, but it never really needed to change. What the game really needed was things to do, which they've been correcting.

Especially when it comes to special events and thing to discover in the game world. We didn't take part it in here, but Kobuld mentioned the Ashen chests players can get as part of the current event for dragon-themed cosmetics. Those chests spawn in areas where volcanoes are prone to erupting, which can severely damage the ship, making expeditions high risk, high reward. With other activities like fishing, new factions I've yet to ever meet, and a whole campaign I still need to experience, Sea of Thieves is moving in the right direction.

It's good to see a game like this game the love it deserves.

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