Sunday, October 4, 2020

Juiced Up - Crash Team Racing - Finale

For the fourth time, our adventures with the blunder from down under have come to an end. Although the odds are that we'll eventually return to the series once the new Crash game comes out, and It's About Time, for now we can close the book on the bandicoot.

And of course, there are no drivers more fitting to end this series than the titular protagonist. Since we're on the PS4, we also have access to the old-school, retro version of him. Truly, there is no better way to go back to where it all began. My co-host Acharky even agrees with me.

The gem cups are probably some of my favorite challenges in the entire game. They'll be instantly familiar to anyone who has played Mario Kart, because they're similar to many of the circuit challenges in that series.

Basically, each on is a four race marathon. At the end of each race, the contestants are given point values corresponding to the position they placed. Once all four races have concluded, the one with the highest overall score is the winner of the whole cup. Of course, if we want the gem, that winner needs to be us.

In that way, the point is that a single stroke of (mis)fortune won't make or break one's final rating. Rather, the key is consistently be in the top standings so that we can as many points as possible. It's okay to do poorly in one race so long as we excel in the others or otherwise knock out the ones with more points than us.

And then after that, we beat Oxide once and for all to save our planet. Be sure to join us next week, as I begin a blind playthrough of the next Halo game.

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