About the Author

Name: Brandon Lee "newdarkcloud" Carey

What is there to say about me? Well, I am a student of Computer Science. My aim is to one day use that knowledge to become a part of the gaming industry, which I adore greatly.

At the same time, I am also a very avid critic of games I play. That said, do not expect me to be as harsh as the likes of Yathzee or other well-known critics. I tend to be a bit more subdued than that, relying a bit more on comparisons and examples to make broader points. You'll find updates on my activities both here and on my social media.

Odds are, if you see "newdarkcloud" on some account somewhere, that will be me. I tend to be very distinctive, using the same screenname and avatar in most places. Don't hesitate to stop by and say hello, because I do appreciate everyone who takes the time to do so.

Relax my friends, stay a while and listen.

Email: newdarkcloud@gmail.com

Twitter: @newdarkcloud


Sebastian said...

Man, unless I'd taken my time to tell you what a kickass blog I just discovered here, I wouldn't have been able to sleep with a clean conscience tonight. It is that good. Your insights are right on the money, thoughtful, and as unbiaed as unbiased can be (at least in the articles I've so far read). Kudos for the FO3 and FNV comparions, I found your arguments and conclusions extremely compelling. Don't let up, friend, you're doing a excellent job.

newdarkcloud said...

Thank you for your comment. I try my best to be an unbiased as I can and I appreciate the kind words. I'll be my best. :)