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In early 2012, I began writing about the various video games I had been playing. At the time, I only needed a way to better organize the myriad of thoughts that had been swimming in my head. In time, what was once a simple blog to post my ideas grew into something much larger.

Since then, I have expanded from the simple written works that began this website. I have involved myself in a number of projects since then. Originally, I started small, gather friends (Ben, James, and Dilon) together to do a series called zombiekrew. Though it didn't last, it set a bit of a groundwork for what I would begin to do afterword. All of the old crew and I are still friends, but conflicting schedules are ultimate what killed the project.

Then, I began to involve myself in some other groups as well, that met with more success. Disclosure Alert was one such project. Though has been on hiatus for over a year, we never officially cancelled the project and it remains ongoing. At the same time that was started, we friends Exetera and krellen approached me to work with them on playing Vampire's the Masquerade: Bloodlines. This was my first bout of true success in this area.

At one point in time, I also did a text-based Let's Play of Dishonored. I did this for several reasons. First, I wanted to try my hand a writing fiction, using the events of the game as a basis. Second, I lacked (and still lack) the equipment necessary to record footage from my PS3. I'm proud of my little attempt, and consider it to be an overall success. To this day, I still get views on it.

As of now, I still have a number of things that I produce with the aid of my friends. As of the time of writing, you will see The Texture Pop appear on this blog every week. This weekly podcast, with my friends Sam, Chris, and Garrett, details our weekly opinions on the happenings on the gaming industry. From those discussions, Sam and I began our own series called Interactive Friction, which is still ongoing.

In summary, I have succeeded in some areas, and failed in others, but I remain dedicated to Press Start to Discuss. And the expansion doesn't end there. In time, I hope to one day grow a name for myself. I want you all to be a part of that. My original vision for this site was a provide an area for safe, yet critical conversation on gaming of all sorts. I remain dedicated to that, and intend to expand my own horizons in turn. I am always willing to have a good discussion, so feel free to reach me either in the comments on one of my posts here, on Twitter, or at my e-mail of newdarkcloud@gmail.com. Conversation with those of differing views is one of the most interesting ways to learn and grow.

Speaking of, the views expressed on this blog are my own personal opinions, and not the opinions of whatever employer I might be working for at the moment.

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