My Let's Plays

Throughout my, and I use this term extremely loosely, "career", I have been involved in a lot of Let's Play projects. This page exists as a record for each project, along with a description and summary of its current status.

1.) ZombieKrew: Shortly after graduating high school, a few of my friends and I got together to at my house every week in order to play a game on the air. Ben, James, Dilon, and myself sat in front of my console, playing a game while talking about it.

As my first attempt at something like this, this was a very crude operation. We recorded our audio using a built in microphone on a MacBook. The video was even worse, recorded using a DVD recorder hooked up to my TV (seriously). Though it wasn't the best work I've ever put out, I stand by it as a stepping stone to my other works, and had a ton of fun doing it.

Status: Dead. Extremely dead. All of us enjoyed our time doing it, but real life schedules and the shows generally low audio/video quality have made resurrecting it extremely impractical, if not impossible.

2.) Disclosure Alert: Shortly after the death of ZombieKrew, I was approached by a online friend of mine to do another Let's Play. We had both expressed a like of the Obsidian made RPG Alpha Protocol, and wanted to do a Let's Play of it. Problem: We didn't have the equipment to record, stream, and edit the video.

So we contacted our friend Aldowyn, and his interest brought the three of us together. In a way, this show can be considered my true first foray into a doing a long-form review as a Let's Play. We had a number of people join us on the show at various points, and I loved every moment of doing this.

Status: Dead, or close to it. All of us have great interest in finishing what we started at some point, but time will tell if we are actually able to pull it off. It's not looking likely at this point though, as it's been years since all of us have come together.

3.) Thoroughly Unprofessional: At the same time that Disclosure Alert was happening, ExeteraAdams was putting together a Let's Play for Vampire's the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Though I hadn't played the game, I joined because I had heard of the game and was interested. We eventually took the unofficial name of Thoroughly Unprofessional.

In time I played the game myself and my role began to change a bit. This was a very informative Let's Play for me, and the first that I would call truly successful.

Status: Complete. We finished our playthrough of Vampire's the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Talks did start to try to move on to other games, but nothing concrete.

4.) "What a Terrible Accident" Let's Play Dishonored: This was a first for me. Instead of doing a video Let's Play, because this was done after Disclosure Alert was put on hiatus, and I still did not (and do not) have video recording equipment of my own, I decided to it in text form.

When I settled on that format, I decided to take it as a chance to try my hand at something less analytical and more creative. I wrote this as a bit or a fan-fiction, depicting what Corvo's mind would be thinking as he went through the story of Dishonored. To this day, I still get views every now and then on posts from this Let's Play. Perhaps not my best work, but I'm proud of it.

Status: Complete. I do not currently have plans to do it for any other game at this point, but I would certainly not rule it out. Since modern game consoles make it possible to share pictures directly through the console, and I do have my eye on a video capture card, future attempts at such a Let's Play would likely be have much better presentation.

5.) Interactive Friction: This is my most recent Let's Play project. After I finished my initial playthrough of Far Cry 3, I contacted one of my Texture Pop co-stars, Sam Callahan, and asked him if he wanted to do a Let's Play of it. He agreed, and Interactive Friction was born.

The central premise of this series is that neither Sam or I will care about spoiling the game. We assume that either you already played the game or that you don't care about spoilers.

Status: On hiatus, but you never know when we might make a return.

6.) newdarkcloud plays: After so many projects, I've finally gotten comfortable enough, and built the right set-up, to make Let's Plays on my own, without the help of anyone else. I started with Hitman, a game series pretty close to my heart. But that's likely only the beginning.

Status: On going. You probably saw a solo LP post on your way to this page.

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