Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not an Article, but a plug for some of my other stuff.

So with college starting up, I've been a bit too busy to write something this week. In order to make it up to the more consistent viewers out there, I'd like to plug some of my other projects.

First off, I am now starting up a new Let's Play series with my friends Aldowyn and anaphysik. Called Disclosure Alert, we will be doing Alpha Protocol as our first game. The first episode can be found here with updates on the groups Twitter and YouTube accounts:

There's also the Let's Play of Vampires the Masqurade: Bloodlines that I have been doing with Exetera and Krellen. The first episode can be found here and updates can be seen on Exetera's YouTube account.
Lastly, some of my old friends from high school and I occasionally update our group YouTube channel, ZombieKrew. Though we have not updated in awhile, you can find the channel here.


Aldowyn said...

In other words "GO WATCH MY YOUTUBES!"

Hai guys I'm Aldowyn! ;)

newdarkcloud said...

This is indeed Aldowyn. He is a person who does things.