Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bioshock: Infinite Podcast with Marc Price and Javy Gwaltney

This weekend, I had joined a discussion with two friends of mine, Marc Price and Javy Gwaltney, over the recently released Bioshock: Infinite. All three of us had finished the game at least once and we all had our own thoughts on the game. (Warning: There were a LOT of spoilers.)

The resulting two hours conversation was a delight. I hope you guys out there enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed having it.

You can listen to it, here:


Arron said...

It's a shame it's not a downloadable podcast. I'll filling my phone with these at present to listen to whilst I'm working..!

newdarkcloud said...

Marc is on Twitter. You might want to ask him to put downloadable versions on his site. It's a good idea.