Saturday, June 22, 2013

“What a Terrible Accident” Let's Play Dishonored: Part 10: The Interrogation

I hear a voice, stirring me from my sleep. She tells me it's time to wake up. That voice can only be the voice of my daughter, Emily. Sure enough, when I open my eyes and wake up, she's right there. As I rise from the bed, I'm told that I make funny faces when I sleep. Emily says that Callista is in the bath, so she decided to come up here to be with me. With a worried expression, my little angel says that she was ordered to come to my room if there was any trouble. Smiling, I reassure her that she's always welcome to stay up here with me. I can feel the tension escape her when she tells me to get going, since Callista will pick her up when her bath is finished.

Speaking of Callista, I check out her room to find an audiograph that she plans to send to her uncle, Geoff. In it, she reassured him that while she may not be present for the next few days, she'll be safe and fed better than most of the people in Dunwall, which is as specific as she can get under these circumstances. Heading downstairs, my continued surveillance of Havelock and Pendleton yields nothing new, so I'm a little disappointed. That's when I open the door to the staff dormitories, where I find Piero looking through the lock into the bathroom. Considering that Emily just said Callista is bathing in there, that freaks me out more than a little bit. Since I still have some vestige of my old honor left, I confront the dirty pervert. He immediately thinks of a lie regarding making a new lock and quickly realizes I'm not buying it, which leads to him coming clean. It's then that I warn him that I don't take too kindly to this type of behavior. He begs for me to not tell Callista, but that's just not the kind of guy I am.

There's no way I could live with myself if I didn't tell her that we have a peeping Piero in our mitts, so I step into the room to do so. When she gasps and goes to cover herself, I realize just how stupid it was not to wait until after she finished her bath to do this. Before she reprimands me, I apologize. While she seemed understanding, she asked politely for me to leave. To the average person, this would be the best idea. However, since I've navigated this situation so far with the grace of a bull, I decide that the best way to save face is to do what I came in here to do. Telling her about Piero has a very noticeable impact on her. I believe the words she spoke were, “I feel dirtier than when I started”. Rather than make the situation any worse through my blundering, I leave as quickly as I possible can, closing the door behind me. I've faced hundreds of opponents, killed several well known people, and faced torture by one of the most cruel men in Dunwall, but nothing has ever been more frightening then the glare Callista gave me as I walked out of that bathroom.

I decide that the best way to get my mind off the death stare is to see what's happened with Sokolov while I slept. From what I recall, Havelock said that he was transforming the pits used for the dog fights around here into a makeshift cell, so I head over to see how the interrogation is progressing. Hopefully Sokolov reveals the name of Lord Mole's financial backer. Without the support of Parliament, this mysterious mistress is the only thing that gives him a steady stream of money to fund his operation. Judging from what I hear when I walk in, the interrogation is not going very well. They trade turns throwing insults at each other, acting like petty school children. Havelock insults Sokolov's need of the Mole, while Sokolov insults his need for me. After awhile, the admiral comes out with the demand for the name of our Lord Regent's mistress, which is summarily refused by the royal physician. That's when I take the reins of the interrogation, and suggest that we might be able to bribe the disgusting pig.

As much as I dislike Sokolov, he's a smart man and when this whole thing inevitably turns south, he and Piero could make for valuable allies. When I announce my tactics, Havelock seems surprised, as if the thought never crossed his mind. No wonder he couldn't get any information. He used the stick without even bothering to think of the carrot. There's only one man here who would know what could interest Sokolov, his dearest rival Piero. I go to our resident craftsman/philosopher. When I arrive, the very first thing he tells me is that he understands my decision to rat him out to Callista. After asking him to give me something with which to bribe Sokolov, he tells me of a rare brandy that is sure to work for our purposes. The mechanist just so happens to have the brandy in stock, but he wants me to buy it off him. Fair enough, Piero. I understand. Whatever helps you to get your petty revenge for me telling Callista about your peeping ass. I hand him the money and take the foul-smelling brew back to the other natural philosopher in this glorious hole we call a bar.

When I return with the booze, Sokolov is ranting about how badly he needs a drink. He's lucky that I am a generous man, as I hand him the drink he's so desperate for. Once the bottle trades hands, my new found ally seems to suddenly become extremely generous with details. He tells us that while he painted the mistress, “Lady Boyle”, he never learned her face or first name as she was painted from the rear. Apparently, he was invited to a masquerade party at the Boyle estate tonight. This will be the perfect opportunity to strike, especially since no one knows what my mask looks like outside of the group here. I can blend in with the crowd to try to get close to my target.
The only real problem I can foresee is in finding the target. While the party is at the Boyle estate the key issue is that there are three women in Dunwall who can refer to themselves as “Lady Boyle”. The Ladies Boyle will all likely attend their own party, so I will need to find the correct one and take them out in a way the makes it look like an accident. This is much easier said than done. As I make my way out, Lord Pendleton tells me that while I am at the party, he would like me to deliver a note to a man named Lord Shaw, who will be wearing a wolf mask. Knowing Pendleton, there's more to this than meets the eye, so I think I will take a moment to meet Lord Shaw before considering his favor. I smile as I head to Samuel, because I pass by Emily asking Havelock to share stories of the open sea. What a girl. She's so very much like her parents. Anyway, since the Boyle estate is quite long ways off by boat, I ask Samuel to shove off as soon as possible.

By the time we arrive, it's already nighttime. As befitting the Lord Mole's mistress, the Estate District is on high patrol to avoid interlopers at the party. It's here that I get my first glimpse at the fabled tallboy, and that is clearly and enemy I do not want to fight. Those stilts look like they'd take me out in one blow, and the armor looks extremely tough to penetrate. All of this on top of the explosive crossbow bolts they wield mean that directly confronting them is a no-go. When I touch down, the Heart begins to beat with a force, revealing the presence of 2 Runes and 2 Bone Charms. 1 of these Runes is on the other side of the river, so swimming to it and jumping back to shore isn't exactly difficult. Climbing up a set of stairs close by, I use Blink to make a series of maneuvers ending with a landing on a nearby rooftop and out of sight of the patrols.

According to the Heart, I inadvertently got closer to the other Rune. When I jump onto a roof of higher elevation, I see the Rune perched atop... an Outsider shrine. There's a weeper nearby as well, but the question is if the Rune is worth listening to Poncy's rants. *sigh* I do need more power, so I sneak behind the weeper to stab it and look around for any other of its ilk. During my search, I find 1 of the Bone Charms that the Heart sensed earlier, so I snag it even though the effects are useless to me. Afterward, I eat shit and pick up the Rune, summoning Poncy to rant at me again. Nothing he says is even remotely useful. The only mildly noteworthy things he mentions is that either I kill Lady Boyle tonight, or she lives out her days without ever throwing another wild party. This could not possibly interest me any less, so I am more than happy to Blink out the room once he's finished and begin scouting the party grounds, looking for a way in. I notice that the patrols outside only consist of one guard and a tallboy. For once, I take the near direct approach. Instead of taking the streets, I use Blink to navigate the top of the bridge support beams and once again to teleport passed the gate separating the Boyle estate from the streets.

Now that I'm on the estate grounds, I put away my gear in order to avoid arousing suspicion. As I approach that doorman, one of guests loosens their grip on their invitation, letting the wind take over from there. Since it lands in a nice, out of the way place, I snag the invitation in order to gain entry to the Boyle manse. Before I show my invitation to the guards, I swipe the wallets off a few nobles outside the gate, adding to the pool of funds I can use to buy things from Piero. Once I do give him “my” invitation, the guard opens the door for me and invites me to enjoy the party. That's when I get the idea to steal the key to the guard house and use it to take blueprints for Spiked Grenades. I don't think it'll get much mileage out of it, but Piero will appreciate the gesture nonetheless.

Proceeding into the manse, I hear two nobles talking about how all the Ladies Boyle are dressed in similar, yet differently colored costumes. It's part of a game where the guests are supposed to figure out the identity of each of them. Great. This will make my job that much more of a pain in the ass. Just as I approach the door to the mansion's interior, I notice a man wearing a wolf mask. This Lord Shaw seems to be talking about Lord Pendleton in a disparaging tone, so I decide not to give him the note in order to keep attention off of me. I am now ready to enter the mansion. It's a tough task ahead of me. Not only do I need to figure out which of them is the mistress of the Lord Mole, but I also need to figure out which costume the correct one is wearing. This might be a decent challenge for other people, but I've overcome tougher ones before, so I think I can pull this off if I'm extremely careful not to look suspicious.

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